Fundraising 101

Looking to run or swim for a cause in 2020?

Figuring out where to start when it comes to developing a fundraising campaign, big or small, can be quite overwhelming, wondering where to start or what you should or shouldn’t be asking for, there are many unknowns! Here are a few tips and ‘must-have’ items to add to your checklist to get you up and running in no time:

What is your story? – This is the very first step, what is this all for? Reliability is a critical driver in fundraising conversations, people engage when they feel connected and as though they understand you and the journey you are going, or have been on. Ensure you are very clear on the why – what is this all for, and the how – how will one’s contribution make that bit of difference.

Goal Setting – Failing to plan is planning to fail! Setting goals and targets is the best way to encourage and promote fundraising donations. Set a goal, then beat it, this is a great way to refresh your message and your ambition as the fundraising event continues. People are often propelled into action when they see they are about to help you reach that target you so strive for.

The Power of Social Media – Social Media is just one of many modes of transport for your fundraising message, however, with the click of a mouse, you have the reach of a huge audience at your fingertips, most of whom are already engaging with you in some way or another on a relatively frequent basis. You can use this platform to deliver your message quickly and efficiently, with high engagement experienced through channels such as Facebook.

Communication – Social Media aside, there are several ways in which you should develop a frequent stream of communication with your audience. Utilise email, phone calls, a website or simple face-to-face conversations to ensure you are maximising your reach in every way possible. You don’t want to leave any stone unturned as far as just how many people you can reach!

Content – Communication is great, however ensuring you have engaging, powerful, and informative content is vital. Whether its testimonials, videos, blogs or other stories, these are all tools that will leverage engagement from your audience.

The strong finish – finish just the way you began, with a strong, inspiring message! Continuing the frequent communication and reaching out to your audience regularly is key in ensuring they are engaged and continue to deliver the message with, and for you, until the very end.

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