Healthy doesn’t have to mean boring!

Improving your health in 2023 shouldn’t mean missing out on great tasting food. The Diggers have an incredible range of healthy, hearty meals perfect for those training for Sun Run.

Check out the range of meals from across our dining venues.

DD Collective

Perfect for quick meals and tasty treats, DD Collective has a range of meals to suit everyone’s taste buds.

Highlight dish

Prawn and Mango Salad (GF)

  • Mango. Cucumber. Cherry tomatoes. Shallots. Fresh herbs. Coconut dressing.
  • Wednesday – Friday | 8am – 11.30am breakfast
  • 7 days| 11.30am – 9pm lunch and dinner

Teddy Larkins

Teddy Larkins sources all the highest quality ingredients from Aussie paddocks and the coast. We think you will love the Grains + Greens Salad. Add some Fresh QLD tiger prawns and you have the perfect summer dish!

Highlight dish

Grains + Green Salad (GF) (contains nuts)

  • Edamame. Barley. Mixed quinoa. Snow peas. Mint. Hazelnut. Creamy soy dressing.

Bau Truong

Old Saigon with a twist. Inspiration for Bau Truong stems from Vietnam’s food culture with boasts fresh, locally sourced produce and in-season ingredients. A popular staple on Bau Truong’s menu is the Green Mango Salad with Salmon Sashimi – a bright and vibrant dish that will leave you reeling for more after every bite.

Highlight dish

Green Mango Salad with Salmon Sashimi

  • Green apple. Green mango. Pickled carrot. Fresh herbs. Raw salmon. Fish sauce. Chilli.


Who doesn’t love a home-style hearty Italian meal? AcquaFresca’s menu contains an array of simple, fresh, flavoursome Italian dishes cooked in the traditional rustic way they do back in Sardinia. If you are looking to carb loading pre-race, you can’t go past AcquaFresca’s Malloreddus Pasta.

Highlight dish

Malloreddus Pasta

  • Sardinian shell pasta. Pork sausage. Bolognese. Pecorino cheese.

Cutting alcohol? Mocktails to the rescue

Our Main Bar has a range of great mocktails to suit those who take on the challenge of zero alcohol.

Our pick? The delicious Margarita Mocktail, a crowd favourite with just enough bite!

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