Run with Peter Day in ‘Team Muscle Republic’!

Peter Day is a multi-sport and performance athlete across a range of disciplines. He is best known for being a 3 x world champion at the F45 Playoffs fitness competition. Peter is also a personal trainer on the Northern Beaches, and will be taking on the Sun Run as captain of Team Muscle Republic in February!

Click here to join Pete on race day & run with the Muscle Republic Crew!

A little bit about Pete’s Sun Run preparation…

We are excited to have you participating in the 2020 Sun Run event – what distance will you be running as captain of the Muscle Republic Crew come Feb 1st?
I cannot wait for another epic event with the Sun Run early next year! I will be running the 10km event on the day but there will be a lot of the Muscle Republic Crew taking part in both the 10km and 7km starts. Whatever your distance, find your pace, push yourself and let’s have some fun on the day!

If you had advice for any first time runners looking to give the Sun Run a go this year, what would they be?
The event is all about enjoying yourself! Don’t start off too fast, find your pace early and build into the event. Make sure you take in the amazing views on the way as well!

When you’re not training in the gym, where outside do you like to get active around the Northern Beaches?
We’re in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Living in Freshwater, I love to go for stairs runs, beach sessions and also ocean swims. Just getting outside and staying active is something I have always done and would recommend to anyone, not just to stay physically healthy, but it is also therapeutic just being outdoors!

Have you participated in many running events in the past, and what are you looking forward to the most about the Sun Run?
Absolutely – I used to be a huge runner and always love these events! I have done the Sun Run a few times before, the Pub2Pub and City2Surf among a number of other fun runs around Sydney in particular. It is without a doubt one of my favourites – a must for those on the Northern Beaches!